Menu with Automatic Pages Included from Custom Post Type

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Question – How can one utilize the wordpress 3.0 Menu system to automatically have new pages from a custom post type included within the menu (I am referring to the Menu Management area of wordpress for the public website).

I believe this currently works for the regular “pages” if you check the automatically incude box but is there a way to also hard code it to work for pages from a custom post type?

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Method 1

This is accomplished by _wp_auto_add_pages_to_menu() (in \wp-includes\nav-menu.php) function that is hooked to transition_post_status hook.

Unfortunately it is hardcoded for page post type and is not easy to extend.

On other hand since it works through generic hook it isn’t hard (relatively, menus internal code is pain) to engineer analogue for custom post type.

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