Hide specific category from wp_list_categories

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I have to hide 3 categories from the list, at the moment to view the list I use this function

function genres() {
$args = array('hide_empty' => true, 'title_li'=> __( '' ), 'show_count'=> 0, 'echo' => 0 );             
$links = wp_list_categories($args);
$links = str_replace('</a> (', '</a>', $links);
$links = str_replace(')', '', $links);
echo $links; 

<?php genres(); ?>

i need to hide category id 1 and 2

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can use the exclude parameter:

(array|string) Array or comma/space-separated string of term IDs to exclude. If $hierarchical is true, descendants of $exclude terms
will also be excluded; see $exclude_tree. See

So with your $args:

$args = array(
    'hide_empty' => true,
    'title_li'   => '',
    'show_count' => 0,
    'echo'       => 0,
    // Excludes specific categories by ID.
    'exclude'    => array( 1, 2 ),

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