make socat constantly listen for the magic packet

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I have a RPi 1b+ v1.2 with Raspbery Pi OS June 2021.

I’m using socat to trigger a bash script that wakes another pc in the network up. I use this command:

sudo socat UDP-LISTEN:10 EXEC:scripts/,fork
but in throws an error 2021/09/05 19:26:38 socat[1743] E parseopts(): option "fork" not supported with this address type.

It works fine without fork but only once and I need it to constantly listen. Any ideas how can I do that?

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Method 1

Sounds like you’d rather want:

socat -u udp-recvfrom:10,fork exec:scripts/

For upon every received UDP packet, fork a process to handle it and send the contents of the packet on the stdin of a new invocation of that script.

-u for unidirectional unless you want the output of the script to be sent back as UDP packets to the client.

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