Add free space available on disk to partition

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I’m trying to add free 8gb available that I left when I was installing Ubuntu. I downloaded GParted iso and used Unetbootin to create USB. When I boot from USB, I can’t resize dev/sda5 to add free 8gb available, it’s colored gray and I can’t move it to the right, to add more space. How do I do that, what am I missing?

UPD: I screened it from my Ubuntu because I can’t screen it from the USB, but I’m booting from USB, when I’m trying to resize.
Add free space available on disk to partition

UPD: Addition to PonJar’s answer. I found similar answer, in short: it’s the same what he said, but it leaves unnecessary 1 mb free space between partitions, in order to get rid of them you need to apply every change, as I understood, before doing the next, but it also somehow will take 1mb from your previous partition, it wasn’t critical (I think so, hopefully) when moving from dev/sda6 to dev/sda5 since I have a lot of unused space in dev/sda6, but it might be critical when I was moving from dev/sda7 to dev/sda6, since it’s only 95 mb, I avoided that by leaving 1 mb when moving free space and it didn’t change from 95 to 94 as it was before. Read the PonJar’s comments about it.

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Method 1

You have to move the space first so that it’s next to sda5. To do that move sda7 fully to the right into the unallocated space. The space will then be between sda7 and sda 6. Then move sda6 in the same way. Then you can expand sda5.

Method 2

Yes, you can’t add your free 8gb to dev/sda5, because both are not neighbour drives. You can join them if they are neighbour drives. Just create a new partition for free 8gb and link it to dev/sda5.

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