Warning message on lightning new record page

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I want to show a warning message on lightning standard record creation page. If that is not possible is there a way to create a lightning component with all fields on standard page layout ?

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Method 1

This is all dependent on what you are trying to achieve because I’d say using the standard layout is always the way to go unless you have a deal-breaker requirement.

  1. If this is for validation on data they’re entering – use validation
  2. If this is to serve as some sort of reminder before they even start
    filling out values – consider just adding a read-only field that you
    can put at the top that states this.

For point #2, it can even include an Image if you want it to be more visually prominent as noted here. Any text field that is read only can have a “default” value to get a point across if that’s all that is needed.

Otherwise, I’d say creating a lightning component for this does not seem like a good reason to go this route. However, just to answer the question – there is the record-edit-form or record-view-form.

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