Strip tag from text (in React JS)

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I have multiple whole html code in variable cleanHTML and i need to strip specific tags from text.

let cleanHTML = document.documentElement.outerHTML


<span class="remove-me">please</span>
<span class="remove-me">me too</span>
<span class="remove-me">and me</span>

to this:

me too
and me

I´m trying to do it with:

var list = cleanHTML.getElementsByClassName("remove-me");
var i;
for (i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
  list[i] = list[i].innerHTML;

But i´m getting error from React cleanHTML.getElementsByClassName is not a function

Any idea how to do it in a way React likes?

How to solve :

I know you bored from this bug, So we are here to help you! Take a deep breath and look at the explanation of your problem. We have many solutions to this problem, But we recommend you to use the first method because it is tested & true method that will 100% work for you.

Method 1

Your cleanHtml is a string and not a node. So getElementsByClassName does not apply as it is not a string function

You can use regular expressions to do this. Following code might help.

var stripedHtml = cleanHtml.replace(/<[^>]+>/g, '');

And stripedHtml will have your html content without tags.

Method 2

I am guessing from your specification that your cleanHTML is a string, so you would need to convert the string to a node (eg: by creating a div from it), and then parsing the nodes appropriately.

Please note that you really need to request the textContent and not the innerHTML, as you do not want to have any html in your react output

const htmlContent = `<span class="remove-me">please</span>
<span class="remove-me">me too</span>
<span class="remove-me">and me</span>`;

const getNodesToRemoveFromElement = (stringContent) => {
  const el = document.createElement('div');
  el.innerHTML = stringContent;
  return el.getElementsByClassName('remove-me');

for (let node of getNodesToRemoveFromElement( htmlContent ) ) {
  console.log( node.textContent );

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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