How do i use componentWillReceiveProps() correctly?

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I’m trying to update a child component as soon as it recieves new props. However, componentWillReceiveProps() in my child component is called before the props have actually updated. After reading this article i do understand why but it doesn’t explain me how to solve my problem.

How do i call componentWillReceiveProps() after the props have updated?

Right now i’m cheating my way around it by letting a timeout run which waits for the actual update, but i really don’t like this solution.

   var timeOut = setTimeout(() => this.loadPosts(), 100)

Thanks id advance!

How to solve :

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Method 1

Is it necessary to call componentWillReceiveProps after the props have updated? Or can you use the nextProps argument?

Eg. if you rewrite as:


and then of course also rewrite the signature of loadPosts to allow manually passing in props:

loadPosts(props = this.props){
  // do something with props

Method 2

Use componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState). When it’s called, two arguments are passed: prevProps and prevState. This is the inverse of componentWillUpdate. The passed values are what the values were, and this.props and this.state are the current values.

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