EventKeys in NavDropdown in React-Bootstrap

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I have a problem with the eventKey thing in NavDropdowns.

var Navigation = React.createClass({

  handleSelect: function(eventKey){

  render: function() {
    return (
      <Navbar brand='Navbar' toggleNavKey={0}>
        <CollapsibleNav eventKey={0} onSelect={this.handleSelect}>

          <Nav navbar>
            <NavItem eventKey={1}>Home</NavItem>

          <Nav navbar right hide>
            <NavItem eventKey={2}>Login</NavItem>

            <NavDropdown eventKey={3} title='NavDropdown' id='basic-nav-dropdown'>
              <MenuItem eventKey={4}>Action 1</MenuItem>
              <MenuItem eventKey={5}>Action 2</MenuItem>



I want to be able in my selectHandler to tell what Nav element was clicked.
This works great for all elements except the NavDropdown:

Clicking the Dropdown does not trigger the selectHandler, which is fine.
But when I click one of the MenuItem, instead of giving me the eventKey, it gives me an event object.

How can I modify the NavDropdown so that it gives me the eventKey?

Edit: My versions are:

"react": "^0.14.0-beta3",
"react-bootstrap": "^0.25.100-react-pre.0",

How to solve :

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Method 1

It is a bug in react-bootstrap


Method 2

The callback on onSelect event will receive 2 params. The first one is event obj. The second is EventKey. You can read it in doc. So if you want to get event key, you should try to call it in the second param

handleSelect: function(event,eventKey){

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