AntDesign TabPane min-height 100%

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Using Ant.Design Tabs

How can I set styling on TabPane so that it’s min-height is always 100% height of the window even when it’s empty?

Below example should cover the window with color #F5F5F5

Edit epic-flower-tg0g3

How to solve :

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Method 1

This has worked for me.

<TabPane tab={tab.title} key={index}>
  <Col style={{minHeight: "100vh", maxheight: "100vh"}}>

Method 2

So this has worked for me too

      onChange={() => {
      style={{ background: "blue", height: "100%" }}
      tab="Tab 1"
      style={{ minHeight: "100vh", background: "red" }}
      Content of Tab Pane 1

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