Agora screen sharing in electron with react, Gives permission denied

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I am building an electron-react app with Agora for calls. I am trying to implement the screen sharing feature.

As described in the following documentation I tried requesting screen sharing.

But I am getting the following error

AgoraRTCError PERMISSION_DENIED: NotAllowedError: Permission denied

I tried invoking the same function AgoraRTC.createScreenVideoTrack in react and electron but the result was the same.

How do I get permission to share the screen in electron with agora?

How to solve :

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Method 1

After some research, I found the electron way of doing it.

  • First I request to share the screen.
const turnScreenSharingOn = async () => {
  const sources = await;
  • is a electron preload function that fetches the screen sources.
    getDesktopSources: async () =>
      await desktopCapturer
          types: ['window', 'screen'],
        .then((sources) =>
 => ({
            appIconUrl: source?.appIcon?.toDataURL(),
            thumbnailUrl: source?.thumbnail
              ?.resize({ height: 160 })
  • Once I have the sources I show the popup from which I choose the source and pass the source id to the next function.
  const onScreenChoose = async (sourceId: string, cb?: () => void) => {
    const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({
      audio: false,
      video: {
        mandatory: {
          chromeMediaSource: 'desktop',
          chromeMediaSourceId: sourceId,
      } as MediaTrackConstraints,
    const track = stream.getVideoTracks()[0];
    const screenTrack = AgoraRTC.createCustomVideoTrack({
      mediaStreamTrack: track,
    window.agora.screenTrack = screenTrack;

    await screenShareClient.publish(screenTrack);

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
Thank you 🙂

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