Mysql decimal type performance by digits setting

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I read online doc about Mysql decimal type size:

Leftover Digits Number of Bytes
0 0
1–2 1
3–4 2
5–6 3
7–9 4

So we know that digits number 7~9 occupied same size in disk, but how about performance? Is 7 digits same as 9 digits or better?

How to solve :

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Method 1

DECIMAL is implemented by a library that assumes that 2 digits are packed per byte or 9 digits per 32-bit integer. 7 digits won’t fit in 3 bytes; 9 will fit in 4 bytes. The library allows up to 64 (or maybe only 63) digits — a quite huge value.

In DECIMAL(M,N), the data is limited based on M and N. Whether it is limited to 7 or 9 should make no difference in performance. Even if it does, the effort is very small compared to bigger issues, such as fetching the row.

Tip: A simple Rule of Thumb: DECIMAL(M,N) takes about M/2 bytes.

DECIMAL(11,2) for money allows up to a billion dollars/Euros/etc in 5 bytes. I see no advantage in using (10,2) or (9,2), each of which is also 5 bytes.

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