INSERT in table1 based on condition on table2 – MySQL

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I have two tables t1 and t2 in MySQL. I’ve to insert records into t1 when the following conditions on t2 are TRUE: version != -1 AND login = "xyz".

I tried this query but no luck:

INSERT INTO t1(name, login, email, add)
SELECT "john", "john159", "[email protected]", "dallas"
SELECT version, login 
WHERE login = "john159" 
AND version != -1);

How to solve :

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Method 1

Please try the following, I haven’t executed the same on the editor but I hope you will get a different idea with it.

INSERT INTO T1(name, login, email) 
        SELECT "john", "john159", "[email protected]"
            FROM dual
                                 WHERE login = "john159" 
                                   AND version  <> -1)

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