Mutator for unique user attribute

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In my code the line User::where('socialite_id', $socialite_id)->exists(); is used so many times, that i want to just write a mutator or sth around it to make this line shorter.

So i need to make mutator, that checks if there’s a user with the same socialite_id that a new user is about to have.

I’ve come with

    public function hasUniqueSocialiteIdAttribute($value){
        return !$this->where('socialite_id', $value)->exists();

Mabye it is better to catch the duplicate exception and abort on catch, but.. naah.

But this thing is not working. Any suggestions?

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can use a scope for reusability purposes:

public function scopeSocialiteId($query,$id) {      
    return $query->where('socialite_id', $id);

and then


For additional info see

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