How to add some perspective to AI files placed in InDesign

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I’m working with 50+ floor plans drawn up as AI files (Example image 1).

I need to keep the artwork intact in the AI files for future updates, but need to add perspective to these when placed in InDesign (Example image 2).

I am aware of Illustrator’s 3D Rotate effect, but trying to avoid using that, as I need the floor plans in the original top view, because these get updated alot.

The perspective thing needs to somehow happen in InDesign after placing the AI files, but how?

Example image 1

enter image description here

Example image 2

enter image description here

How to solve :

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Method 1

Precise isometric view

  • Select Container Frame
  • Copy height to clipboard
  • Set Rotation Angle to -30
  • Set Shear X Angle to 30
  • Select Content Frame
  • Paste in the height from before
  • Fit frame to content

Eyeballed axonometric view

  • Select the Content Frame
  • Rotate it to your liking
  • Select the Container Frame
  • Scale the height to your liking

Method 2

For parallel projection only, no other perspectives:

Apply Object > Transform > Shear. Then Scale and rotate with the normal selection tool for good apparent proportions. You can also find good numerical values for shearing, scale and rotate. InDesign remembers numerical values for repeated work.

An example of the result:

enter image description here

Here the shearing is horizontal 45 degrees, rotation and vertical squeezing have been made visually without numerical input.

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