How can I arrange words into a shape to make a "word cloud" design?

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I want to create a T-shirt to commemorate the tenth edition of a gaming convention and I had the idea to have the names of all the games that were played during the convention form a big roman numeral X.

I’m looking for a free program, app or plugin that allows me to insert chunks of text (the names of the games) and automatically sorts them to fit the shape as nicely as possible, without mixing the words in the same chunk (but if they continue on the same or on the following line it’s ok).

Multi-directional words forming the shape is ok too but those usually make some words too small for the t-shirt printer.

Do you know a program that can create such a thing?

I can easily work with the image of an X or even a raster image.

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Method 1

What you want is


…which would give you the ability to create tag-clouds and word clouds that looks like this:

enter image description here

Method 2

enter image description here

There are more than one solution. Two other online solutions with lots of polish are Wordle (1) and WordItOut (2). See also this for more resources. Some can generate code such as html or generate from a query instead of a site/document. Some can export to svg.

There are surely many ways to do this. One way is with Processing (3). There is a library such as WordCram to fine tune some metrics which may not be exposed with the online tools. I generated the third example using a basic demo included therein. Exporting to svg, pdf etc. is also possible.

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