Blur / Drop Shadow Effect Vector Adobe Illustrator

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I am start to learning adobe illustrator, I want to ask about making drop shadow / gaussian blur of an object in vector ( non bitmap / raster ) type.
I found a file and want to use it for study material, but I confuse how / from where this shadow was made.
I check the layers are only one object. But if I ungroup it the shadow was dissapeared.

Thanks for the answers and sorry for bad english 🙂

enter image description here

How to solve :

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Method 1

enter image description hereBlur and Drop Shadow are not same thing as the names are self explanatory.

If you look at ‘Effect’ panel you will see two groups of effect.
1- Illustrator effect
2-Photoshop effect

From ‘illustrator effect’ choose stylize-drop shadow.
From popup menu set your desired direction (X offset/y offset), opacity, color etc.

And if you want ‘blur’ go to effect-Photoshop effect-blur-Gaussian blur.

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