Will pgbouncer allow multiple pools to same database pool name but different users?

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or, in other words, is it possible to do this:

db1   = user=usr1 pool_size=10 application_name=app1 dbname=data1 ...
db1   = user=usr2 pool_size=20 application_name=app2 dbname=data1 ...

such that when usr1 attempts to connect to db1, they have pool_size of 10 while usr2 attempting to connect to same pool has 20?

How to solve :

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Method 1

That won’t work for at least two reasons. The two rows are keyed alike, so only the 2nd will take affect. And those lines are not testing what the user is, they are commanding what the user will be. So connections coming in to pgbouncer for ‘db1’ will go to the real database as user ‘usr2’ (regardless of the specified incoming user) and as dbname ‘data1’

To do what you seem to want, you would need something like:

db1 =  dbname=data1
usr1 = max_user_connections=10
usr2 = max_user_connections=20

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