Why MongoDB doesn't allow to connect with the database specified?

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I installed MongoDB 4.4 on Ubuntu 20.04. Then, I created a user:

$ mongo
use admin

Then, I configured security.authorization: enabled in /etc/mongod.conf and restarted it. Now I can connect like this:

$ mongo localhost:27017 -u admin -p foo

Works just fine. However, when I’m trying to connect and specify the database test to use, it fails with "Authentication failed":

$ mongo localhost:27017/test -u admin -p foo

What’s wrong?

How to solve :

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Method 1

All authentication information is at admin -database.

When you use authentication and need to login to a different DB than the default, you need to tell mongo what is the authentication DB. This is done with parameter --authenticationDatabase admin.

So, in your case:

mongo localhost:27017/test -u admin -p foo --authenticationDatabase admin

Method 2

I solved this by running:

$ mongo
use test

I still don’t understand the logic…

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