Why is the result cache always disabled in Oracle 11g

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I’m trying to enable the result cache in Oracle 11g. I have used Enterprise Manager to change the result_cache_max_size and result_cache_max_result values to ‘1M’ and ‘100’ respectively (maybe these aren’t optimal settings, but I’m just trying to get it to work!).

After I make these changes I use the following query to see if the changes have really been made:

select * from V$PARAMETER where LOWER("NAME") like '%result_cache%';

I can see that both have been set correctly. However, when I run queries with the result_cache hint, I can see from the Autotrace that the cache isn’t being used. If I then run the following query:

SELECT dbms_result_cache.status() FROM dual;

I can see that it’s status is ‘DISABLED’. Restarting the database just makes the result_cache_max_size parameter go back to 0 (disabled).

How can I enable the result cache?

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Method 1

Are you using Enterprise Edition? It looks like this is a EE feature:


CTRL + F the docs and search for result cache and supported editions.

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