Which nodes are active in a multi-subnet failover cluster?

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I have previously worked with FCI where there are 2 nodes. 1 server is active and other service is not active. Both share the same disk. If node 1 or sql server service on node 1 goes down, then it starts up the sql server service on node 2.

In a multi-subnet failover cluster, which of the below nodes are active and which are passive?

Which nodes are active in a multi-subnet failover cluster?

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Looking at the Microsoft doc you copied that image from, that is a single stretch cluster spanning multiple subnets. It’s not possible to say from the image which would be the primary, beyond only saying one of the 4 could be the primary at a time.

In simple terms, other than the fact it spans multiple subnets and has storage replicated, it would still act like a traditional FCI in that only one node is primary at a time.

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