Where does the stored procedure Searchinall come from?

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When I create a new database in SSMS either using the creation wizard or the CREATE DATABASE command the database will contain a stored procedure called Searchinall. This procedure has never been added to new databases previously, but since 2 days it will be created in every new database, no matter how I create it. I have tried creating a database from a different Computer on this server as well, but the stored procedure will still appear.

When I tried looking online for a procedure Searchinall I could not find any results, so I suspect it is not a new feature and nothing that should be created by default.

Could someone have maybe accidentally added it as a default stored procedure to be created in every new database on the server?
If so, how can I disable it?

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Method 1

When you create a new database in SQL Server the Model database is used as a template. Your new database will contain any stored procedurethat is in the model database.

From what you are describing it seems that the stored procedure, Searchinall is a custom procedure added to the model database by someone in your organization and then automatically included in any database that you created.

Method 2

Usually, it is placed in the model database, that serves as default template when you create a new database. Try to look into it.

Method 3

Look in the model database. That is where new databases are copied from

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