Where can I find details for the feature selection page of SQL Server installer?

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I’m installing SQL Server Developer Edition (2019) on my desktop, and I’m trying to get everything right the first time on my installation.

On the feature selection page, I don’t know what a few of these mean.

Specifically: "Client Tools Connectivity". The description is not incredibly helpful: "Includes components for communication between clients and servers." – what kind of components and what kind of communication? Is this needed or useful at all if I’m only using the instance locally? I’m not finding any help in the documentation or web searches.

So can you either help me understand what this option is, or point me to a more detailed document that actually says what each option does?

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Method 1

here is a good starting point.


The appropriate features to install depend on your needs. There is no good or bad starting list. Assuming that you need to install the relational database engine, try starting with SQL Server Database Engine.

You can always add new features afterwards.

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