What operations result in automatic creation of SQL Server statistics?

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My understanding is that creating an index automatically creates statistics for that column.

What else results in auto creation of statistics? For example – Does SQL Server create statistics for every column that has ever appeared in a WHERE clause?

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When the automatic create statistics option, AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS is ON, the Query Optimizer creates statistics on individual columns in the query predicate, as necessary, to improve cardinality estimates for the query plan.

These single-column statistics are created on columns that do not already have a histogram in an existing statistics object.

When the Query Optimizer creates statistics as a result of using the AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS option, the statistics name starts with _WA.

You can use the following query to determine if the Query Optimizer has created statistics for a query predicate column.

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(s.object_id) AS object_name,  
    COL_NAME(sc.object_id, sc.column_id) AS column_name,  
    s.name AS statistics_name  
FROM sys.stats AS s 
INNER JOIN sys.stats_columns AS sc  
    ON s.stats_id = sc.stats_id AND s.object_id = sc.object_id  
WHERE s.name like '_WA%'  
ORDER BY s.name;

That includes WHERE predicate:

FROM tab
WHERE col = ?;    -- here tab.col

and JOIN predicate(to determine physical join type: NESTED LOOPS/MERGE/HASH):

FROM tab1
JOIN tab2 
  ON tab1.id = tab2.tab_1_id; -- here tab2.tab_1_id

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