What is the purpose of the Encrypt by Password Option in TDE syntax?

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The information I have so far is that I can simply do the following to create a valid certificate to use for tde. What good or advantage is the Encrypt with Password = option if I can do it without that?

Conversely, why not just make the certificate with this simple syntax instead of using a password or doing it using the FROM BINARY syntax?

Create Certificate tdeCert WITH Subject = 'My tde certificate'

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What good or advantage is the Encrypt with Password = option if I can do it without that?

If you omit this it’ll encrypt it with the database master key, so really, it’s up to you to decide how you would like the private key protected, though since this is for TDE the best course of action is to use the DMK as it will then be able to transparently decrypt it for use (via the transparent decryption hierarchy).

[…] or even the FROM BINARY syntax.

FROM BINARY is an easy way to transfer keys around without needing to move the physical certificate. This way, a certificate can be created on one machine and then an identical copy created on another machine all via TSQL and no need to remotely copy files.

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