What is the difference between start and enable in the Oracle RAC srvctl?

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In the Oracle 12c documentation it was not clear what is the difference between the srvctl start and srvctl enable commands for services associated with a database.
In the view dba_service a database that has a service already started, has the column ENABLED with NO, what I noticed is that when a RAC service has already started and you try to enable it, it informs you that it is already enabled.

srvctl enable service -d mydb -s myservice
PRCC-1010: myservice was already enabled
PRCR-1002: Resource ora.mydb.myservice.svc is already enabled 

How to solve :

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Method 1

Enable means the service can be used and it will autostart when the cluster is restarted.
Also, you can have a service enabled, but with the current status stoped.
If you change the service to disable, you can’t start the service.

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