What does the “wi” stand for in SQL Azure Automatic Index Naming?

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I have a SQL Database on Azure that is giving me a performance recommendation for an index.

What does the "wi" part of the name? I’m guessing something to do with the include part of the statement. With Include?

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [nci_wi_TableName_468BA2FCEC4455FB9A6ACA94430E4935] ON [dbo].[TableName] ([Id]) INCLUDE ([ColA], [ColB]) WITH (ONLINE = ON)

How to solve :

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Method 1

If my memory isn’t completely gone, it means "worker insights". Not sure if this was in a blog post or a Channel 9 video. It’ll probably take a bit to find the source.

Or maybe "workload increase" — one of the detectable performance patterns that might call for a new index recommendation.

Why does the name matter? If you choose to implement the recommendation, you can change it according to your organization’s standards.

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