What could be a reason for data to be missing from a Cassandra table?

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When I query a table in my Cassandra database (in an EC2 instance), data before 2022-04-15 are not showing. The table had data from November of 2021.

I am new to Cassandra. What could have happened? Last week I exported data to CSV in addition to my usual work.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Data doesn’t just magically disappear. There will be a reasonable explanation for it.

There’s a good chance that the data has expired, for example if the table has a default TTL of 3 months. However, all we can do is speculate since you haven’t provided sufficient information.

As a friendly note, I suggest you learn how to ask good questions. The general guidance is that you (a) provide a good summary of the problem that includes software/component versions, the full error message + full stack trace; (b) describe what you’ve tried to fix the problem, details of investigation you’ve done; and (c) minimal sample code that replicates the problem.

In your case, you need to provide the following:

  • the schema of the table
  • sample query you are running
  • details of how your app writes to the table, i.e. does the write query set a TTL?


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