Update a column to same value for all rows in a group of the group by

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I have the following table:

name key uuid
na1 k1 NULL
na2 k2 NULL
na3 k1 NULL

If two or more rows have the same key value then I want to update the uuid value to the same uuid for those rows. If the key is unique then that row should have a unique uuid value.

Following is the desired outcome:

name key uuid
na1 k1 8274e89f-b119-4326-814d-4a864bbbe207
na2 k2 9a6c5f68-a3c2-4250-ac31-cc8c86a6440c
na3 k1 8274e89f-b119-4326-814d-4a864bbbe207

Any ideas how to achieve this?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Something like this, may be

with u (key, uuid) as (
select distinct on (key) key, gen_random_uuid() as uuid from test
update test t1 set uuid = (select u.uuid 
  from u
  where u.key = t1.key)

Method 2

              FROM test )
SET uuid = cte.uuid
FROM cte
WHERE test.key = cte.key;


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