Uniqueness constraint for elements of arrays in the entire table

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In the following table:

    email           varchar[],

I’d like to ensure that no two users have the same e-mail. I’m not sure how the UNIQUE constraint interacts with array data types. What’s the appropriate way to ensure uniqueness? Or is this an anti-pattern and should I just declare another emails table instead?

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Method 1

Yes, as you said, I’d create an emails table that refer to the users.

    id_user         ... ,
    username        varchar(255),
    ... ,
    PRIMARY KEY(id_user)

    id_email        ... ,
    id_user         ... ,
    email           varchar(255),
    PRIMARY KEY(id_email),
    CONSTRAINT fk_user
      FOREIGN KEY(id_user) 
      REFERENCES users(id_user)

Then in the emails table you can add a unique constraint on id_user, id_email.

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX CONCURRENTLY xak1_unique_id_user_and_email_ix
ON emails (id_user, id_email);

ALTER TABLE emails ADD CONSTRAINT xak1_unique_id_user_and_email UNIQUE
                      USING INDEX xak1_unique_id_user_and_email_ix;

P.S. I don’t work usually on PostgreSQL, for the syntax I referred to link

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