TVGuide database recurring TV Show

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I am trying to design TVGuide database
TVGuide database recurring TV Show

as you can see one TV program can have many shows, as well as one show can play on multiple tv programes

this is all going fine

The problem I am trying to solve is what to do when show is on multiple dates, for example a movie is on BBC 1 at 04/04/2012 and then they play it again at 08/08/2012 right now I would have duplicate movies with different dates, is it possible to reduce this somehow, so I would have one movie with many dates or (a movie can also be played only once) something like that

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BTW: I am using Toad data modeler 6.5 to design this db in and here is its design:

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Method 1

In similar vein to what mustaccio is getting at in the comments, I’d make another table called something along the lines of TV_Schedule. It could have the columns (TV_Schedule_ID, TV_Show_TV_Station_ID, Airtime_Start, Airtime_End) and would be a child table that’s foreign key related to TV_Show_TV_Station by the column TV_Show_TV_Station_ID. This would be a one-to-many relationship.

This way you wouldn’t manage the presentations in the TV_Show table, causing unneeded duplicate data.

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