Terminology for Specific Kind of One-to-Many Relationship

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This question regards how a one-to-many row might "belong" to a different row and what exactly to call it. I might be asking for a term that does not exist.

Please see the below two tables. Customer and Address form a one-to-many relationship where one Customer might have many addresses. These Addresses "belong" to a Customer.


Now notice this table:


A single TaxCode could exist for many Addresses (a one-to-many relationship). But as I see it, Address doesn’t "belong" to TaxCode as Address "belongs" to the Customer. Address is a sort of "child" of Customer whereas Address just has a "link" to TaxCode. I don’t think the database "cares" since I think all the database rules are the same (e.g., foreign keys). But I’m wondering if specific names exist for these relationships beyond a one-to-many relationship.

In summary, I would like to know what to call the Customer-Address one-to-many relationship vs. the TaxCode-Address one-to-many relationship. Thank you.

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I was looking for the terms identifying and non-identifying relationships. (This comment was posted by ypercubeᵀᴹ, so the thanks go to him.)

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