Synchronize creation of rows between tables

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Lets say I have two tables, posts(id_pk,title) and posts_content(post_id_pk,blob). Whenever I create a row in posts, I want a complimentary row to be created in posts_content, with the same id. If I just use auto_increment on both, when two posts are created simultaneously, they might get switched. What is the correct way to do this?

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Method 1

Let’s say you have this:

    id int not null auto_increment,
    title varchar(100),
    primary key (id)
CREATE TABLE posts_content
    post_id int not null,
    blobdata blob,
    primary key (post_id),
    CONSTRAINT `FK_posts` FOREIGN KEY (`post_id`) REFERENCES posts (`id`)

You could perhaps run the two INSERTs like this:

INSERT INTO posts (title) VALUES ('some-title');
INSERT INTO posts_content (post_id,blobdata)
VALUES (@GivenPostID,'oxbdsixds');

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