Starting points for creating a mysql database proxy

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I’m not actually entirely sure if this is possible, but I’d like to build piece of software that behaves a lot like a proxy between a client and a mysql server.

Essentially, I want this software to expose a connection string the same way a normal mysql database would, and listen to the same port. When it receives traffic (mysql queries), it would apply some modifications to them before handing them off to the actual mysql database.

Is this possible? If so, where would I even start in building this? Finally, are there any recommendations on how to do this properly?

I’m also open to exploring off-the-shelf options if something like this already exists.

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Method 1

there two or three such software packets available, but usually you use this two split the incoming packages after rules to different servers.

It is in the begining , sowhat difficult to configure, but there a a lot of tutorials or

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