SQL Server stored procedure taking too long sometimes even though indexes have been added with memory grant issues

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I have a stored procedure that takes too long sometimes even though I have added all suggested indexes.
I keep getting the Query had to wait for memory grant
The query plan can be found here: Query Plan

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This query is pretty well a disaster, but if the reason it’s sometimes slow is that it’s waiting on memory (RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE) then the server you’re on is likely underpowered for the workload as a whole.

I see the EstimatedAvailableMemoryGrant="417308" and EstimatedAvailableDegreeOfParallelism="2" which would back that up.

You can artificially reduce the memory grant for the "problem" query by using the MAX_GRANT_PERCENT hint, and finding a value that allows it to run with less memory without spilling enough to cause a performance issue.

Since you’ve only posted the cached/estimated plan, I can’t really tell you exactly where the issue is, but general anti-patterns here:

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