SQL Server logshipping: Extend the LS_Alert window

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We have a logshipping setup, where the LS_Restore job on the secondary database is switched off every night for the datawarehouse to grab its data. The restore cycle is set to 15 minutes and if LS_Restore would kick in, the datawarehouse connection would get severed – the interface therefore switches off LS_Restore. When the datawarehouse interface is done, the LS_Restore job is turned back on.

However, this window can be longer than one hour (by just ten minutes or there-abouts), and this then triggers the LS_Alert job to raise errors.

How can we extend the range on LS_Alert to, say, 1,5 hours?

How to solve :

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Method 1

update the relevant row and column (backup_threshold (in minutes)) in the log shipping config table


Method 2

Although @Mo64’s answer pointed me in the right direction, the issue is with the alert threshold of the secondary server, not the copy speed on the primary. The link provided by Mo64 did also link to the description of the secondary metadata table in msdb. I used those docs to concoct this update statement:

update msdb.dbo.log_shipping_monitor_secondary
set restore_threshold = 120         -- this was 45
where secondary_server = '<your server name here>'

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