SQL Server equivalent to MySQL UNIQUE index?

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In MySQL (5.1) I am able to create a Index on a field that is type UNIQUE. This ensures that the field contains only unique items.

Is there something equivalent to that feature in SQL Server 2008?

An example of MySQL Table CREATE syntax with UNIQUE Index:

CREATE TABLE `routelist` (
    `RouteName` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    `Active` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
    PRIMARY KEY (`RouteID`),
    UNIQUE INDEX `RouteName` (`RouteName`)

How to solve :

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Method 1

MySQL’s syntax is just a shortcut for a create index.

So in SQL Server use:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX routename ON routelist (routename);

works in MySQL just as well.

Method 2

A note. There is one big difference between UNIQUE constraints in SQL-Server and all other DBMS (MySQL included) and the SQL standard, in which a nullable column with a Unique constraint can have multiple Nulls. But in SQL-Server only one Null is allowed:

Also, unlike PRIMARY KEY constraints, UNIQUE constraints allow for the value NULL. However, as with any value participating in a UNIQUE constraint, only one null value is allowed per column.

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