SQL Server can't create sysname type colunmn

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I’m trying to create a new table based on an existing table.
In the existing one, there are two columns that are sysname data type.

But when I’m trying to create the new one with sysname, SSMS shows

Invalid data type

SQL Server can't create sysname type colunmn
But this doesn’t really make sense to me that if sysname is invalid, why it can be used in the old table?

My SQL Server version is Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (RTM-GDR) (KB5014356) – 15.0.2095.3 (X64)
SSMS version is 15.0.18390.0

How to solve :

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Method 1

The table designer is very limited and has a number of unresolved defects.

Most professionals choose to write T-SQL CREATE TABLE statements instead.

You will have noticed sysname is not available in the drop-down list of type names.

This is probably because it is a synonym (for nvarchar(128)) rather than a base type.

If you want to leave feedback for Microsoft about this, you can do so at https://aka.ms/sqlfeedback

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