SQL Query: if a row contains a specific value, ignore all rows that have the same data identifier

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I have this table process_io_table:

process_name input output

I would like to get the distinct list of process_names that do not have a row that has an input value found in the output column. In this example, I would expect to return process_name ‘AVA’ because AVA input rows do not contain a value from the output column. VSC on the other hand would not be included because it has a row with an input found in the output column (AVA_RESULT).

I tried something along the lines of

SELECT DISTINCT io.process_name
FROM process_io_table io
WHERE io.input NOT IN (SELECT io.output FROM process_io_table io)

However, this still returns both AVA and VSC because VSC has a row with an input not in the output table (VSC_IN1).

How do I get process_names that don’t have ANY rows with input values found in the output column?

UPDATE: I think with the help of the person who answered I have it figured out:

SELECT DISTINCT R.process_name
FROM process_io_table as R
WHERE R.process_name NOT IN( -- Gets process_names NOT IN the list of process_names I don't want
    SELECT DISTINCT t1.process_name
    FROM R t1
    WHERE EXISTS ( -- finds the process_names I DON'T want
        SELECT 1 
        FROM R t2
        WHERE t1.input= t2.output

How to solve :

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Method 1

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SELECT DISTINCT io.process_name
FROM process_io_table io1
  FROM process_io_table io2
  WHERE io1.input = io2.output

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