SingleStore exception no_data_found

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I’m having difficulty finding the exception no_data_found in singlestore.

In Oracle, we use no_data_found exception.
Is there any alternative solution in singlestore for the no_data_found exception?

How to solve :

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Method 1

If it is inside a stored procedure, you can use ER_INTO_VARIABLES_NO_ROWS. Example is below:

create table test(id int primary key, descr varchar(10));
insert into test values (1,'one'),(2,'two'),(3,'three');

delimiter $$
create or replace procedure test_sp(inp_id int)
returns void as
      v_descr varchar(10);
         select descr into v_descr from test where id = inp_id;      
         echo select v_descr;
           when ER_INTO_VARIABLES_NO_ROWS then 
                echo select 'No rows found';
end $$
delimiter ;

call test_sp(1); -- returns 'one'
call test_sp(100); -- returns 'No rows found'

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