Should I create many ID for a same Person/entity in my DB?

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In my model, I must store the name of the teacher of some kids and the classroom in which the teachers work, let’s say. All of the hundreds of teachers in the schools have 1 and only 1 classroom, except 2 teachers, which have 2 classrooms and there is no way we can remove one classroom (we MUST keep the 2 classrooms)… do you know of a way to handle this exception ? Knowing that it might happen with other teachers in the future.

The only solution I found so far goes as follow:

Kid Table

Kid ID (PK)

Teacher ID

Teacher Table

Teacher ID (PK)

Teacher Name

Classroom ID

And to have 2 teacher ID (or more) for the very few teachers who have more than 1 classroom. I do need the teacher name in the teacher table to be able to produce stats based on the teachers (no matter the number of teacher ID related to any given teacher).

Does it this model make sense ? is there a better way to do it ?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Properly normalized it will have 3 tables as follows:


kid_id (pk)
classroom_id (fk to Classroom)


teacher_id (pk)


classroom_id (pk)
teacher_id (fk to teacher)

This way you have no duplication and no update anomalies.

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