Seamless SQLServer Database Name Change

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I need to change the name for a few databases, however the databases are used by a lot of applications managed by several different teams. It would take some time for all the applications to finish changing connections and database name references. Is there a way to allow the change to be done seamlessly? Was looking at synonyms to temporarily allow references to the renamed database but unfortunately it is only for database level.

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Method 1

Create an "alias" database with the name you want to use.
Create synonyms for the objects by querying the system tables to create a simple script, here for example for user tables.

  'Create Synonym '
   +quotename(object_schema_name(id, db_id()))+'.'
   ' For [SourceDB].'
   +quotename(object_schema_name(id, db_id()))+'.'
from sysobjects o where type = 'U'

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