restarting master and slave machines without breaking master slave MySQL replication

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We need to resize the size (CPU and RAM) of two database servers having MySQL server 8: master and slave, but this operation implies that those machines will be restarted, And I think a restart of those machines might cause a problem in replication !

Is there a proper way to restart our machines without breaking the replication, Or I’m wrong about the fact that restarting the master and slave machines (OS) can break the replication ?

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Method 1

You can stop and start master and slave in any order you want. It doesn’t matter, master first or slave first – for both stop and start.

The only requirement is master’s expire_log_days config option should be bigger than maintenance duration. Otherwise master on start will rotate its binlogs faster than slave get a sync. Keep in mind that this variable should be set statically in the my.cnf file, not dynamically via SET GLOBAL expire_log_days = X;

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