Query that finds the names of the directors that played in movies that they directed

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Given database of the website “eMovies” that manage data about cinema movies.

Write in SQL query that finds the names of the directors that played in movies that they directed

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The tables:

    ActorID      PK

    DirectorID   PK

    GenreID      PK

    MovieID      PK

    MovieID      PK
    ActorID      PK 

    MovieID      PK
    DirectorID   PK 

    MovieID      PK
    GenreID      PK 

My attempt:

 SELECT Directors.FirstName, Directors.LastName
 FROM Directors, DirectorsMovies,ActorsMovies
 WHERE Directors.DirectorID=DirectorsMovies.DirectorID=ActorsMovies.ActorID
 GROUP BY FirstName,LastName;

In the output I see an empty table, someone can tell me why and how can I improve my code? or any other working code please?.

How to solve :

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Method 1

It’s just a set of direct joins and on the filter clause you can check the names of actor to fit of the director.

Note also this avoids cases where someone is an actor of another director movie but is also one director of another movie (where he/she is not an actor).

I used explicit join because they are prefearable over implicit ones.

select distinct d.Firstname, d.LastName
from dbo.Directors d
join dbo.DirectorsMovies dm on dm.DirectorID = d.DirectorID
join dbo.ActorMovies am on am.MovieID = dm.MovieID
join dbo.Actors a on a.ActorID = am.ActorID
where d.Firstname = a.Firstname
and d.LastName = a.LastName

Method 2

This answer based on @jean’s answer, I fixed some small mistaks this code is working:

SELECT DISTINCT Directors.FirstName, Directors.LastName
FROM ((Directors INNER JOIN DirectorsMovies ON DirectorsMovies.DirectorID = Directors.DirectorID) 
INNER JOIN ActorsMovies ON ActorsMovies.MovieID =  DirectorsMovies.MovieID)   
INNER JOIN Actors ON Actors.ActorID = ActorsMovies.ActorID
WHERE Directors.FirstName =Actors.FirstName
AND Directors.LastName = Actors.LastName;

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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