Preserve PROD DMV metadata for offline analysis

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  1. How do I preserve and migrate a point-in-time state of all metadata from a PROD DB to a TEST copy on another server?

I want to review PROD object exec performance and index usage without straining resources or otherwise impacting the state of the PROD DB. I’m primarily interested in sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats and sys.dm_exec_query_stats, plus the other metadata views views commonly used together with them.

  1. In general, do perf/usage DMVs depend on host server properties to calculate results accurately?

  2. I struggled to find unambiguous search terms. What is the correct terminology for describing this perserve and migrate metadata task? I’m not even confident that I’m using the word "metadata" accurately.

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Method 1

I think this might be the best solution for MSSQL 2016+. It’s still not on-demand, but the built-in reporting and tools definitely meet my use cases (regression, A/B testing, resource monitoring). Thanks for the comments, guys, I might not have found this without the help!

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