PostgreSQL keeps asking for user password with “trust” authentication enabled

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I created a user john with createuser and didn’t supply any passwords for it, i.e. no -P option specified. I then proceeded to add the following line above all other lines in the pg_hba.conf file:

host    all             john              trust

I then restarted the server but even after that, when I try to run psql -U john it keeps asking for a password. I even ran the command psql -c "alter role john with password null;" but it changed nothing. PostgreSQL keeps asking for a password for john. What am I missing?

Running PostgreSQL 13.2 on Windows 10.

How to solve :

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Method 1

By checking the logs, it got apparent that PostgreSQL was matching the ::1/128 IPv6 address, which had scram-sha-256 as its authentication method. adding a line like

host    all             john            ::1/128            trust

fixed the problem.

Also, there is no need for restarting the DBMS after changes to pg_hba.conf.

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