PostgreSQL + how to clean pg_xlog log without damage the PostgreSQL service

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we are using postgresql for ambari DB , in our linux server – rhel 7.2

postgres -V postgres (PostgreSQL) 9.2.13

we noticed that pg_xlog folder consuming 198g , and its gives /var to get 100% size

so after google searching

we noticed about postgresql.conf that have the parameter – wal_keep_segments

according to documentation , wal_keep_segments Specifies the minimum number of past log file segments kept in the pg_xlog directory

my questions are:

  1. is it safe to use this parameter – wal_keep_segments , and doing purging on pg_xlog folder
  2. based on the size of the folder that is nearly to 200g , what is the value that we need to set to wal_keep_segments

How to solve :

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Method 1

You should ask whoever set wal_keep_segments why they did it. Typically it is done for pg_rewind or streaming replication.

It is no problem to reset the parameter to its default value 0. Then, when the next checkpoint runs, old WAL segments should be removed.

Never delete WAL segments manually.

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