postgresql get folder creation date

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i am trying to get the date when the folder in the filesystem was created using SQL and I cannot find a way to do this. Can someone help me achieve this? This is what i have so far

WITH date_check AS (

            select oid from pg_database where datname='PROD'
        ) as dbid 

        ,(SELECT relfilenode FROM pg_class WHERE relname ILIKE tablename) filenode

    WHERE schemaname = 'DUMMY' )

        SELECT creation 
        FROM pg_stat_file(
            './base/' || dbid || '/' || filenode 
    ) as creation_time FROM date_check;

My goal is to get the time at which a PostgreSQL table was created.

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Method 1

There is no way to get the creation timestamp of a table in PostgreSQL. You’ll have to persist that information somewhere (perhaps in a table) when you create a table.

The file creation timestamp does not necessarily reflect the timestamp when the table was created. Operations like VACUUM (FULL), TRUNCATE or certain ALTER TABLE will write a new file for the table. Also, do you want your table creation timestamp to change when the database is restored from backup?

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