Postgres fetch exact value when satisfied all conditions

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Here are the table structure and sample data.

CREATE TABLE public.product (
                id serial NOT NULL,
                opid int4 NULL,
                opvalue int4 NULL,
                info varchar NULL,
                CONSTRAINT product_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

INSERT INTO product (id,opid,opvalue,info) VALUES 

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Now I want query if info value satisfied all it’s condition value then it will be returned.
Ex.If I pass opid=1 and opvalue=1 then only s1 should be returned not s2 because s2 have it’s different condition. s1 should be returned when I pass (opid=1 and opvalue =1) and (opid=2 and opvalue =1)

How to solve :

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Method 1

I think this does what you want:

select *
from product p
where opid = 1 and opvalue = 1
and not exists (
  select *
  from product x
  where =
  and (x.opid != p.opid or x.opvalue != p.opvalue)

Method 2

WITH cte AS 
       COUNT(info) OVER (PARTITION BY info) total_count,
       SUM(CASE WHEN opid=1 AND opvalue=1 THEN 1 END) OVER (PARTITION BY info) conditional_count
FROM product
SELECT id, opid, opvalue, info
FROM cte
WHERE total_count = conditional_count;


PS. If there exists more than one record which matches your conditions (full duplicate except id field) then remove id from output fields list and add DISTINCT.

Method 3

Question is solved via creating one summary table of this table and manage count of info in parent table then using query on count of that parent table.

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