Postgres allow admin role to grant permissions for users on any database

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I’ve a User role "joe" in postgresql 14 that should act as admin without having superuser role.

postgres=# \du+
                                                                        List of roles
   Role name    |                         Attributes                         |              Member of               |              Description               
 joe         | Create role, Create DB, Bypass RLS                         | {pg_read_all_data,pg_write_all_data} | 

Now "joe" creates a new database and needs to grant following permissions to "alice":

WARNING:  no privileges were granted for "spatial_ref_sys"
WARNING:  no privileges were granted for "geography_columns"
WARNING:  no privileges were granted for "geometry_columns"

The problem here might be that the schema is owned by user "postgres" who installed postgis in template1.

Is it possible to give Joe permissions to grant all kind of privileges on every database on every user without making him a superuser even if the schema is not owned by him?

How to solve :

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Method 1

No, that is not possible: only the owner of an object (or somebody who got the privilege gragted WITH GRANT OPTION) can do that.

But this is not necessary: these three objects belong to the PostGIS extension, and you should leave them alone anyway. So simply ignore these warnings.

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