Please can I get help with using T-SQL to loop through all user databases in a SQL server instance

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Please can anyone help me with how to loop through all the User databases in an instance executing the below query for each one of them?

The script returns a list of users with their individual permissions in a separate statement.

SELECT 'USE '+ DB_NAME()+'; '+CASE WHEN dp.state <> 'W' THEN dp.state_desc ELSE 'GRANT' END +' ' + 
        dp.permission_name + ' TO ' + QUOTENAME( COLLATE database_default + 
        CASE WHEN dp.state <> 'W' THEN '' ELSE ' WITH GRANT OPTION' END +';' AS [-- Permission To Be Assign to the User --]
FROM    sys.database_permissions AS dp
INNER JOIN sys.database_principals AS dpg ON dp.grantee_principal_id = dpg.principal_id
WHERE   dp.major_id = 0 AND dpg.principal_id > 4
        AND (dpg.type in ('S','G','U'))
        AND NOT LIKE '##%##'
        AND <> ('sa')
        AND dpg.default_schema_name IS NOT NULL
        AND <> 'distributor_admin'
        AND dpg.principal_id > 4

Thank you

How to solve :

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Method 1

Have a look at Aaron Bertrand’s excellent sp_foreachdb – and he also has a very useful partner sp_ineachdb which may be more what you’re looking for here.

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